Nottingham Advisors Socially Responsible Portfolios



  • Align investments with personal values
  • Improve portfolio risk/return characteristics
  • No longer a niche market
  • Early stages of a long term trend

Make a Difference Without Sacrificing Performance

  • ESG Research should inherently be part of investment analysis:
    • Good corporate governance prevents scandals and keeps the companies operating efficiently
    • Emphasizing labor rights keeps workers happy and prevents work shortages
    • Fossil fuel/ carbon taxes can hurt profitability
  • The majority of studies on ESG find a positive or non-negative relation between strong ESG characteristics and corporate financial performance

The Nottingham Way

  • Integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance factors into our investment process
    • Combine ESG screens and our traditional fund due diligence with the belief they offer long-term performance advantages
  • Feel good about your investments while trusting our long-term track record
  • End Result: Strong risk-adjusted performance with a portfolio that matches your values