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“Here at Nottingham Advisors we’re a boutique firm, so we’re small enough that our client relationships matter. We’re accessible and responsive, but we’re also large enough that we have talented professionals to build customized portfolios.”
–Thomas S. Quealy Jr. Chief Executive Officer

Institutional Investors are often tasked with reporting to their constituents or fellow board members. As a fiduciary, Nottingham has your best interests in mind. To ensure optimal portfolio construction, the Nottingham Investment Policy Committee meets on a weekly basis to discuss recent macro-economic trends and potential new opportunities for investment. In addition to our asset management, we provide Fiduciary Consulting Services, including but not limited to, Investment Policy Statement review and construction, fiduciary training and board member “on-boarding.”

Nottingham Featured in S&P Indexology: Purpose-Based Asset Allocation

Nottingham Featured in S&P Indexology: Advanced Topics in Purpose-Based Asset Allocation

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